The date is set. The venue is booked. Now how do you get bodies in the door? These are a few tips to get the word out there to fill the house! Website: The platform to almost all marketing plans is your website, this is true for events as well. (If you don’t have a […]


Do you realize that you’re the face of your small business. A selfie from your smart phone just doesn’t cut it- you need a high quality, professional picture that you can share on your social media, print collateral and on your website. Pick your support team: Hire a stylist if you feel like you need help […]


Email marketing strikes many as old-fashioned. More fashionable venues like social media and mobile marketing get all the attention. Some people will even try to tell you that email marketing is dead. Unfortunately, reality doesn’t agree. In fact, with a strong content marketing approach, email is more powerful than ever!   EMAIL MARKETING moves the conversation about your […]

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That definition of brand identity is “how a company wants to be perceived by others.”  It is so much more than the logo, a letter head, the website— it’s more than any of their designed visual content. A ‘brand’ seeps into everything a company does: it’s posts on social media, how personnel dress, and it’s how […]

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Want to connect with your customers? You know social media is the ‘it’ thing, but you just don’t know where to begin? Here is a checklist that might help! First determine your demographic and where they are spending their time. Allocate your time between the social medias that capture your audience and create content that will […]