That definition of brand identity is “how a company wants to be perceived by others.”  It is so much more than the logo, a letter head, the website— it’s more than any of their designed visual content. A ‘brand’ seeps into everything a company does: it’s posts on social media, how personnel dress, and it’s how those personnel speak to others.

How it works: If Nike says “our brand identity wants to make people perceive us as a motivated fitness brand” but then all their photos have slightly overweight people watching Netflix, and their tweets say things like “yesterday you said tomorrow, but it’s kind of rainy out so……” then their branding would be very unsuccessful. There’s a difference between what the company “wants” and what is actually happening.

One way to help control what is actually happening is to have a cohesive brand. The definition of cohesive says “well integrated; unified.”  That’s what needs to be in the back of your head at all times when you are out making, creating, posting, whatever-ing as your company. Is this well-integrated? Is this unified? Is this how I want to be perceived? If it’s not – then don’t put it out there.

When I create a brand identity for someone it includes visual elements – a logo, a stationery suite, color palettes, etc. But, more importantly, it includes analyzing and understanding the company, their purpose, their target client, and how they want to be perceived. MORE importantly than that, it includes helping the client to see the importance of knowing these things about their company.

What’s the point? Branding isn’t your logo. Branding is everything you are putting out into the world in regards to your company, and works to build recognition, loyalty, and trust.

Visually, it does include the logo. But, it also includes how you post, and the graphics on your website, and what your work attire looks like, and so on. Outside of visuals it includes understanding what your mission is, where you want your company to go, and who you serve. Most importantly, it all ties together in a cohesive and memorable way.

Original Source: The Crown Fox