“As all entrepreneurs know, you live and die by your ability to prioritize. You must focus on the most important, mission-critical tasks each day and night, and then share, delegate, delay or skip the rest.” ~Jessica Jackley
Are you getting swamped by the ever growing to-do list? There truly isn’t enough hours in the day to be a successful one man show and to grow to your full potential. That’s why delegation is a business’s best friend!
Let’s say you’re a photographer- you make money while booking your calendar, going to shoot, and editing, but on a typical day you’re also doing the management, accounting, marketing for the business as well as managing your household and family. Now imagine if a few of those tasks were off of your plate and you could focus on booking more photo shoots, wouldn’t that mean making more money? And a happier business owner?
A good rule of thumb is that if you don’t like to do it, you should delegate it. Focus on your strengths and what makes you happy! Here is a list of a few things you could delegate:
  1. Social Media: Social media is a great place to grow a business and to connect with your customers, but it’s an ever growing and ever changing entity. Do you have the time to write, schedule and promote all of your posts? Hand it off! In fact that’s one of the services Gamble Marketing Group offers, just saying 😉
  2. Brand Design: You need true positioning in your brand to really understand where you are as a business. You also need a logo and graphics that support your mission and tells your story. Not your strong point? Hire a designer or an agency to help. Having that clarity of focus from the beginning will be worth the investment
  3. Website Design: We know, there are advertisements everywhere showing how easy it is to build your own website… Sometimes it works, a lot of time it doesn’t. It’s easier to hire a professional that will set up your website to be functional, follow your branding, SEO optimized, and just all together better than those template websites.
  4. Advertising: Are you advertising on TV, radio or in print? By hiring a professional to negotiate and place your media you can save time, money, and a headache. If you’re interested in delegating your marketing budget please give Gamble Marketing Group a call!
  5. Legal Tasks: Now, this is something we can’t help you with…. It’s so very important to have your LLC, contracts, privacy policy and terms & conditions in order. Instead of spending hours of time finding templates and researching it yourself, just hire a lawyer. Something that would take you hours will take them minutes, and it’ll save everyone a headache.
  6. Accounting, Bookkeeping and Taxes: Delegating this could save you thousands of dollars and keep you from having the IRS knocking on your door. There are wonderful tools to make bookkeeping easier, but even that takes a lot of time and effort. Please please please never tackle doing your taxes yourself unless you’re trained to do so, trust us, it’s not worth the repercussions.
  7. Emails: Feel bogged down by your inbox? Have you heard of a virtual assistant? They can handle your correspondence, auto senders, and even your newsletters so that you can focus on your core genius.
  8. Organization: That’s right. There are people out there that will sit down with, listen to your wants and needs, organize what you have, and create processes to keep the organization going.
  9. Errands: Have you ever noticed that running a few errands goes from taking the few minutes that you anticipated to taking the entire day?? Picking up office supplies, purchasing props, stopping by the bank, etc. Someone can do that for you for a small hourly rate!
  10. Dinner: If you’re anything like me, you hate coming home from a long day to have to slave over a stove to feed your family. On the same note, no one likes eating microwave dinners or take out every night. You can sign up with sites like Hello Fresh or Blue Apron to send you weekly recipes and the fresh ingredients and all meals only take 3o minutes. There are also local stores in my area (Springfield MO) that will sell you freezer meals, or you can hire a professional cook to come to your home to prepare the freezers from scratch to your liking.
  11. House Cleaning: Ain’t no one got time for that 😉 This would be my number one to outsource to keep a happy, functioning home. In the day that you spend cleaning your house top to bottom you could’ve made hundreds of dollars working, or better yet, you could’ve spent that time having fun with your family or relaxing…. The money is well worth hiring a house cleaner that can do things faster, possibly better, and they actually enjoy cleaning.

I hope this list helps you make the investment in yourself to delegate out. You don’t have to have a handful of employees to be productive, you just need to know your options~ Be the best business owner you can!

If you need help with your marketing, design, social media or website please give us a buzz. We would be happy to consult with you and see if we’re a good fit!