The date is set. The venue is booked. Now how do you get bodies in the door? These are a few tips to get the word out there to fill the house!


The platform to almost all marketing plans is your website, this is true for events as well. (If you don’t have a site for the event, use an EventBrite page.) Be sure to include:

  • A compelling description: All the details, an over view, what the benefits are for attending
  • Event Images: This needs to be an image that will catch attention on social media as well as on your site. Also include headshots of speakers, pictures of the location, a map of how to get there, etc.
  • Video: We are in the age of video… Most people will opt out reading a description is they can gather all information from a video quickly. This is another great tool for social media as well.
  • Register Now Button: You need a call to action if you want your viewer to follow through- provide a button that leads to a place to purchase tickets or to your contact page with phone number/ email.

Pre-Event Email

Have you been building your list? If not, you should consider it for the future! Build your list of friends, family, colleagues, and partners that you can send an email campaign to. Your emails should include:

  • Inviting Subject Line: You’ll need to grab attention, inspire the viewer to open the email, and continue to inspire them to attend your event! Awe, anger or anxiety lead to higher open rates- emotion is the key.
  • Choosing the Send Date: Consider your audience and your event timing. Send out an email 1-2 weeks prior on a weekday morning. Also send an email the day before, or morning before, to remind the viewer of the event.
  • Content: Use similar content to your website- a attention grabbing description, all the information, photos, and possibly even a video attachment. Remember, we are visual beings- the less blocks of text the better!
  • Respond: Answer questions, take registrations, thank people for following up. If you’re not emailing back to close the deal then there was no point in sending an email in the first place.

Pre-Event Social Activity

Events are social occasions so it just makes sense to advertise your event on social media! Here are a few ideas:

  • Hashtags: Pick an event hashtag that is easily remembered but also unique. You’re going to use your # for every event post and tweet. This is so followers can view everyones posts in 1 place. It’s also a great way to create some buzz
  • Post & Tweet: Get the word out there! Create an event on Facebook, reference the website frequently, share information everywhere!
    • Registration opens
    • Early-bird registration is ending soon
    • Countdown: “Just X days until the event!”
    • Reminder of time and location
    • Thank your sponsors (mention sponsors)
    • “Just saw Jane’s presentation. Wow!” (mention speakers)
    • “See you at the event!” (mention registrants)
    • Thanks for sharing, posting and re-tweeting (mention anyone who shared)
    • Tweets with a testimonial quotes about a speaker (find these on LinkedIn)
    • Tweet to the pre-event blog post using a quote from the interview. (mention speaker)
    • “Thanks for registering! See you there!” (mention registrants, especially social media influencers)
  • Engage in Conversations: Once again, if you’re asked a question, given feedback, or someone registered be sure to answer and thank them.
  • Encourage Sharing: Ask for your followers to spread the word. You might even consider a contest- Share within this time period and be entered to win free tickets!

Submit to Other Media Sources

  • Submit to Local Calendars: Several news sites and local tourism sites will have an event calendar that you can post to. Add your event to everyone you can find.
  • Press Releases: Send out a press release to local news sites- who knows, you might get some media coverage!

Consider Paid Advertising

Want to reach an even broader audience? Or maybe an even more targeted audience that you didn’t have access to? Consider the following:

  • Google Adwords: For anyone specifically looking for an event like yours, you’ll be the top of their search results. Google Ads are almost always pay per click, so you only pay when someone actually clicks on your ad
  • Broadcast: This would be considered Radio and Television- you’ll reach a far bigger audience than just your emails, website, or social media
  • Print Advertising: Have a niche event and there’s a perfect publication for it? Consider creating an ad! A good example of this is a wedding expo advertising in a local wedding magazine.

During the Event

Live tweeting and posting during events is a huge opportunity for event promotion. Registrants will be watching the hashtag, so fill that stream with interesting content.

  • Use your Hashtag: Use your # for every post and encourage others to do the same!
  • Share Pictures and Quotes: Show others what is happening! Maybe they will show up throughout the event or it’ll plant the seed for next year.
  • Hold a Contest: Give away something small and use the opportunity to collect emails to build your list for next year. You can also take a picture of the winner and place that on your social media sites.

Post-Event Advertising

The end of the event isn’t the end of the event marketing. After the event, follow up with activities that will make your next event an even bigger success.

  • Blog: Blog about the experience, share photos, talk about next year or other upcoming events- This is your chance to recap on your website.
  • Email: Send out a thank you and link to a survey for feedback. Ask how they heard about your event so you get an idea of where you’re marketing was the most effective. You can also collect testimonials this way as well.
  • Social Media: Once again, thank all of the attendants and share your photos and blog post.

We hope this blog post is helpful in your event advertising. Remember, if you need help with your event advertising you can give Gamble Marketing Group a call!