Who wrote the non-existent rule that you have to have a normal domain extension? With how many websites that have been created since the beginning of the Internet, it’s pretty understandable that we’re running out of the “regular” .com extensions. Frankly, we just use it too much – most companies want to use clean, short domain names, but since we’re running out, they’ve gone in search of other extensions. We’re not talking about using .net or .org. We’re talking about unique extensions that make people stop and think.

No one ever said that you have to create a “normal” website extension. Creating one that not a lot of people have seen could also create interest in your website. Instead of being like everyone else, you have a unique extension no one has ever heard of. Now, you can’t use just any extension, but there are a lot of different ones to choose from. Wondering which ones?

               .church                                                   .career

                .phd                                                .apartments

              .christmas                                                .vacations

              .attorney                                             .management

              .group                                                  .investment

              .shopping                                                    .clinic

             .wedding                                                      .dental

             .legal                                                          .lawyer

             .accountant                                              .properties

Instead of using a unique domain extension, companies are now using long run-on website names. This not only is hard to remember, but also makes it really easy for people to type the wrong thing. There are a total of 882 domain extensions to choose from. Why choose a normal one?

We decided to choose gamble.marketing as our domain name and extension because we believe that it gives a more modern vibe to our company as well as shows that we are innovative. (And gamblemarketing.com was taken.) Don’t fall for the long domain names – make it unique and choose a different extension.

For a comprehensive list of all the domain extensions, follow this link: